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Solar Water Pump

Surface & Submersible Water Pumps

Water pumping is an ideal application for solar power. Rather than using batteries, solar water pumping systems store water in tanks or reservoirs while the sun shines. It is a stand-alone system operating on power generated using solar power generating system. Solar water pumps are well suited and proven to meet water pumping needs using Solar Energy.

The power generated by solar system is used for operating pumps for lifting water from open well, bore well, stream, pond, canal etc. In general, Solar pumping is suited for small and medium pumping requirements and not for commercial irrigation or operating heavy pumping system like municipal water supply. A solar-powered water system is an economic solar power systems to install since there is no need for batteries or battery charging equipment. When the sun is shining, the system is pumps water, when the sun is not shining, the system stops pumping — simple.

To ascertain the required capacity of a solar pumping system we need to know the following:

  • The total dynamic head – meaning the distance from the lowest water level during pumping to the top of the tank or pipe outlet.
  • The amount of water required per day – customers usually indicate the amount they expect per minute or hour, but this implies a continuous flow. Note that solar water pumps need to pump all of their water during peak sunshine hours.
  • The location where the pump will be installed, so that the solar insolation levels can be calculated.

Usually the water level determines which pump to use. Different types of water pumps can be selected to be used in streams, wells or in ponds. We can divide water pumps into two types:

  1. Submersible water pumps can be used to lift water from great depths
  2. Surface water pumps can be used to pump surface water of 10-20 feet deep.

Solar Water Pumps

Advantages of a Solar Water Pumping System

Due to the simplicity of solar powered water pump systems, this technology is reliable, and requires little maintenance. The advantages are as follows:

  • No fuel cost – as it uses available free sun light
  • No electricity required
  • Long operating life
  • Highly reliable and durable
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Eco-friendly

Usage of Solar Pumps

Solar Powered Water Pumps use generated electricity to pump water. Common applications are water for livestock, crop irrigation, garden watering, washing & cleaning, drinking and cooking water supply. Ideal to install and use at farmlands, residential & commercial buildings.

Usually the need for water is the greatest during the hot sunny days. During these peak times the Solar Panels also produce most power and most water get pumped into the storage tank.